Bernard Laverty's Professional Staff

The Funeral Director’s Role

The role of the funeral director is to guide you and your family through your immediate grief and distress.

Your consultant will ease the burden of your sorrow. He or she will look after every aspect of the funeral service, helping you to choose flowers, venue, time, coffin and whether to employ clergy or celebrant at a service. Newspaper advertisements and all of the legal requirements are professionally completed with a minimum of fuss. The choices are yours to make.  And after the funeral is over, your consultant is still available to provide follow-up care, counselling and support if you require it.

BERNARD LAVERTY is different. In recent times many smaller funeral homes have been monopolised by larger US-based companies. And even though a small percentage of these are still Australian-owned, the rationale for their existence is based on numbers, dollars, and sales volume.

BERNARD LAVERTY is a family concern, owned exclusively by David and Melissa Walker. We ARE different.  David and Melissa insist that Bernard Laverty’s consultants maintain an honest care and concern.

A BERNARD LAVERTY consultant will be there for you. From the time you meet them, either at our offices or in your own home, your consultant will remain as a personal contact, and will attend the funeral service to guide and support you on the day.