Bernard Laverty Nambucca District Funerals

Writing A Eulogy

A list of things to consider when you write a Eulogy:

When and where the deceased was born
Nicknames and other names known to others
Parent’s names, where they met and married
Brothers and sisters and their place in the family
Early childhood — localities and interests
Schools attended, awards given
Academic or trade qualifications and achievements
Interesting stories about childhood days
Details of any military service
Details of marriages, divorces, and other significant relationships
Details about children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren
Details of any club membership, positions held
Details of sporting achievements
Details of hobbies or interests, travel, crafts
Details of historical significance
Preferences, likes and dislikes — activities (e.g. music, theatre)
Special stories, sayings, or qualities of significance to others
Special reading, poetry or music to be included